To ‘Fred The Bear’ who started all this.

My love and hugs to my very special family for their love, support and inspiration.

To ‘Fred The Man’ for his love and understanding when the fur’s flying, for his ideas and ‘helpful suggestions’ and for emotional and financial support.
Fred even owns a couple of FredBears, bought and paid for!

To my daughter Emily for taking on domestic chores when I’m busy in the fur factory and for all the filing, folding and licking and sticking. Emily also owns a couple of FredBears, unpaid for!

To my son Simon for keeping the books straight and being a patient webmaster.
Simon owns several rabbits which are not FredBears...there’s one in every family!

To my dad who just shakes his head in disbelief.
I love you all.

To my friends who have become collectors, to my collectors who have
become friends, and to all my students who challenge me to grow.

Without you none of this warm and fuzzy life would be possible,

Love and Hugs,