y first ever ribbon for first place at a teddy bear show was at the Toronto HUG-IN in 1993 in the miniature dressed teddy bear category. Since then I have won many ribbons at the Calgary Bear Fair, and The Hug-In in Toronto, Canada. I have also been featured in two teddy bear books; the “Gallery of Teddy Bears” Canadian Bear Artists book by Linda Hartman (Hobby House Press) and “Bears” by Sue Pearson (De Agostini).

I wrote articles for “Teddies Own Journal” which was a great Canadian magazine which is no longer on the market. I wrote about making, dressing, collecting, teaching classes and other amusing anecdotes about the wonderful world of teddies.

My miniature teddies were featured in “Teddy Bear and Friends” magazine. These teddies were ‘two peas in a pod’ featuring two tiny green bears in a felt pod. They were so popular I spent that whole summer producing twenty sets of ‘peas’.

A photograph of one of my bears was used as promotion for the Toronto Harbour Front’s “Grin and Bear It” teddy show (pictured right) and I was the guest speaker at the Toronto “Bearly Ours” Teddy Bear Club fall luncheon in 1998.

I made my television debut when I appeared on Sue Warden’s “Craftscapes” on The Life Network, showing how to make a bear (video coming soon). This resulted in a limited edition of six bears named “Warden” (all sold out).

Last year, I donated two bears to the Children’s Aid Society in Toronto. These bears are a collaberation between bear artists who make the bears and costume designers who then dress them. A calendar is produced from photographs of these bears which is then sold for the society and the bears themselves are auctioned at the annual fund-raising gala. As a result of this, I was interviewed for an article in one of Canada’s Chinese newspapers. To this day I still have no idea what they said about me!

I had the pleasure of giving one of my bears to soap opera and movie hunk Patrick Muldoon when his visit to our local shopping mall co-incided with a teddy bear show at the same mall. He seemed happy to receive a furry friend to fly back home with. More recently, I made a teddy which was then finished at a media challenge event. Maureen Taylor from TV Ontario embroidered part of the nose and put the eyes in. We both signed the bear’s paws and he was auctioned for the World Wildlife Fund.

Teddy bears bring me all kinds of special moments and it has been my pleasure to share some of my ‘famous’ moments with you.